The successful South Indian actor Buzz Cut was portrayed at his personal wedding by North Indian actors at his request.

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South Indian successful actor who was sidelined in his personal marriage by the desires of North Indian actors

An actor's lucrative wedding ceremony this week drew praise from the media for the way unrelated people reacted. Reports on the South Indian actor's big day became criticisms of the North Indian stars' huge tweets. Despite the fact that the actor has become a "female superstar" in the film industry, media coverage devoted to the cousin's left little finger of Bollywood stars has noted the fact that a number of Hindi industry stars reported on the event on their social networks. . There was almost nothing to report from the south beforehand: with this marriage, Tamils, Telugus, Kannadigas and Malayalis finally coalesced into an understandable tradition when Bollywood got involved. Apparently the next event in the South to be covered on such a scale will include a Hindi film actor's Finsta.


Actor is suing his ex-wife for making her own business decisions


A man breaks into a locker with a flop weight

An actor holding an opening ceremony for his latest film has leaked all the information about the workplace. The box office would have collapsed under the weight of expectations and the ego of the person dedicated to the task of rewriting the historical past. In creating historical fanfiction and seducing fascists, the accomplished actor forgot to consider public intelligence. But the cost was so high it even broke the report for an additional actor whose lineup includes that of Meryl Streep and Gal Gadot.


'Protect him at all costs', according to the outlet, the sweet royal child will be protected at all costs

A petite woman recently made headlines when she acted like little boys at a monarch's 70th birthday party. The internet was quick to notice the boy's angelic behavior and specifically urged no one to keep him at all costs. Meanwhile, the state continues to spare no expense to provide the child with a home worthy of the GDP of a small country. The celebration of enforced hierarchical obedience also came at the expense of public welfare spending, an issue that might have left people with higher things to keep than a normal child born of kings.