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Get flipkart coupons for free for 2016

If you are avid buyer and do regular online shopping on eCommerce website Flipkart for products such as mobiles, books, dslr camera, car accessories, cosmetics, electronics, furniture, watches, external harddisks, shoes for your self or to gift them to people on their birthdays, anniversaries, weddings etc.

Other Indian coupon websites offer you certain percentage discount offer, cashback offers,  Buy 1 Get one offers and similar where you need to pay some amount from your pocket then only you will be able to apply the discount coupon code which you received as gift voucher. We have got a great deal for you Flipkart shopper today.  What you will be getting is Money coupons and not discount coupons. With the coupons generated via the way explained following, you will need to pay from your pocket only when the purchase price is higher than the discount coupons you own.

For e.g.  If you have earned Flipkart coupon of Rs.250 via this programme, you won’t need to pay extra money till the purchase price of Rs.250 on flipkart. You will need to pay extra money only if your product price is higher than the coupon value.

Now let us jump to on process to answer the question How to Get flipkart coupons for free for 2016, 2017 and onwards !!!

Step 1 :-  Share your email id by writing blank email to :  [email protected]

Step 2 :- You will receive Registration link via email.

Step 3 :- Fill the form and provide all details and thus register to generate flipkart  coupons for free. Yes, you will generate the free coupon codes. How ? Check next step.

Step 4 :- You will receive 2-4 surveys in email related to Bollywood and Hollywood. You just have to spend 5-10 minutes a month for this. Now when you successfully fill these surveys, Certain points will be credit to your account. Minimum points per survey are 50. Maximum points per survey are 150.
1 point = 1 Rs. Thus, when you fill 5 surveys of 50 points each, you will generate 250 points for yourself. Thus, a coupon code of Rs.250 for you.  This is just example to show how it works.

Step 5 : Reedem this point on the website and get coupon code in email.

Step 6 : Apply these coupon codes while making a purchase on Flipkart.

The best thing about this programme is that, you don’t get coupon for once but a repeated opportunity is there for you for month after months.

You find 250-300 rs vouchers a low amt for you ? Now we share how you can generate more coupon codes say, Rs.3000 codes per month. Fair enough ? Ok. To generate the flipkart coupon code of above Rs.3000, you will need to invite just 20 people to register for this survey programme for free.  When these 20 people fill their first survey, 150 points per person will be added to your account as referral rewards. Now you want to generate flipkart coupon code for rs.10,000 ? Simple. Invite Approx 70 people to register with this opportunity. We have already enrolled 1000+ people for this and they in result have invited many of their colleagues, neighbors, friends etc. After all everyone is winning here.

Take action now. Get free invitation now by sending blank email to :  [email protected]

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