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Pankaja Munde took selfie at draught hit Marathwada but….

Yes. BJP MLA Pankaja Munde took selfie at Marathwada but…. she was not partying there.

Pankaja Munde did not take pout selfie that the BJP haters are trolling her on twitter and in news papers. The set of people from Indian media and various political parties against have found new target in Pankaja Munde.

The controversy about Political leader taking a selfie…..
– Daughter of late veteran BJP leader Gopinath munde, Pankaja had made a visit to drought hit Marathwada in maharashtra. Photographs of she taking a selfie of herself alone and with some people were published by media in order to condemn her by creating the perception that a insensitive political leader who is on a visit to draught hit site is taking selfies. Now the same people who have been claiming to fighting against moral policing by righwingers are now doing the same against the poor lady just because she tried to do photo documentation of relief work going on at the site. The only difference is that she tried to take a selfie of it instead of taking doing it a conventional way. Now when the trolls are behind her, went on to successfully counter them with strong tweets by making her stand clear. She conveyed that as a rural minister her duty involves seeing after the relief work and she took the selfie for self satisfaction. She also shared news stories supporting her claims along with thanking senior bjp leaders for supporting her during this unnecessary controversy while draughthit Maharashtra is struggling for water. Following are some of the tweets which should be good enough for the people who wanna know the other side instead of just trolling a politicians as we are trained to hate them only.