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Tejashwi yadav demands invitation to Single largest party RJD to form government in bihar

As the countdown for 2019 loksabha election has begun, all Indian political parties are busy with their respective games for last run of state assembly elections for Karnataka, Rajasthan, Madhya pradesh.  Karnataka election results meant that not a single political could win the majority as they had claimed during election speeches and news channel panel discussions till the vote counting ended. Blames to EVMs were in-out depending upon the convenience of the opposition. After the vote counting, BJP was declared as single largest party but short of 8 seats to achieve the 2/3 majority i.e. 112 seats of Karnataka assembly to form the government. Congress and JDS showed opportunism and formed post poll alliance to stake claim. Karnataka governor invited BJP to form the government as they came out as single largest party and could give stable government than opportunist post poll alliance of Congress and JDS. They approached Supreme court of India to put stay on Swearing in ceremony of Yeddurappa. It did not work. The bench setup by CJI did hear the matter midnight but did not put stay on swearing ceremony of new Karanataka CM.  Always waiting for opportunities to critisize Modi, the oppositions and their followers on social media who did not utter a word about violance and irregularities that happened a day before at west bengal gram panchayat elections, did cry about Modi, RSS and BJP killing democracy in Karnataka. Out of all drama, Lalu putra Tejashvi yadav found a new opportunity to claim the government in bihar as RJD is single largest party in Bihar assembly. He has decided to meet the Bihar governor to end the corrupt rule of JDu+BJP and invite them to form the government siting the BJP logic of inviting largest single party to form the government. He may wish to use the karnatak political drama for his own bihar politics, but his arugements have no logic for the simple reason that Bihar goverment is currently ruling and there is no scope for Tejashvi yadav to prove the majority while BJP is just 8 seats short for majority in karnataka. Evenif tejashvi yadav wants to go further in bihar to counter Karnatak BJP claim, he atmost can bring no-confidence motion against the ruling Nitish kumar government. It will be interesting to see the updates in this high voltage political drama which is attracting more TRP than IPL and Saas bahu serials.

Tejashwi yadav to meet bihar government

Tejashwi yadav demands invitation to Single largest party RJD to form government in bihar

Tejashwi yadav uses karnataka election drama to play bihar politics

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